Sometimes called a food hoist, dumbwaiter, kitchen lift or Microlift, food lifts are ideal for transporting food and drink or dirty plates between floors of restaurants, pubs & hotels. These handy lifts are perfect for the repeated movement of smaller loads in a range of other business’ too.

We offer two different brands of service lift ensuring we have a lift for all requirements;

The Microlift range is available in selection of sizes and held in stock to accommodate a quick delivery.

BKG service lifts, as well as offering two standard sizes, can also be custom built to meet your requirements and available in as little as five weeks.


Our food lifts can be customised with heated shelves to keep food warm, hygienic stainless steel lift-cars and additional shelves to use the maximum capacity available. The entrances are fitted with vertical sliding bi-parting shutters to minimise space required for loading. Please see our Lift Guide to find out which one might be right for you and explore the options available.

We realise that a “one-size fits all approach doesn’t work, and so our food lifts can be built to each individual’s needs. We also provide maintenance on all our Lifts, so you can rest assured any issues will be dealt with efficiently. Whatever your requirements are, we are certain to be able to provide the right lift for you.