Thinking of buying a dumbwaiter? Here’s a few things to consider…

Whether this is the first time you’ve purchased a dumbwaiter, or you know exactly what you are looking for, there are several factors which need to be considered when obtaining a quotation for a new service lift.

We have lots of options available for dumbwaiters and goods lifts, so it is important to firstly consider your needs. Thinking about the points below beforehand will ensure you receive a comprehensive quotation that fulfils all your requirements.

1.How many levels is the lift going to travel? Do the goods need to just go up one level? i.e. serving two floors or will it be going to additional levels? Approximate floor to floor heights for each level are also useful.

2.What type of goods are going to be transported? For example, is it plated food? Stacks of dirty dishes? Boxed goods? Laundry? Or your Christmas Turkey?! This will affect several factors including:

  • The capacity of the lift
  • The size of the lift car
  • The serving height for the lift. Would you like the ease of loading the goods at waist level height or floor level?
  • By giving us dimensions and approximate weight of the largest items to be transported, we can ensure the lift car is the perfect size for your needs.

3.The space you have available for the lift – This will be the main factor in determining which lift is right for you. The internal shaft size available will help with the maximum size lift car we can fit within the parameters.
The different styles and brands of dumbwaiters and goods lifts have alternative car vs shaft size differentials.

4.The position of the lift within the premises – Are the entrances are in the same direction at each level or will one or more entrances be needed in a different direction? This has an impact on the suitability of different models of dumbwaiter.

5.The “Headroom” available – We will ask for the floor to ceiling height at the top level, this is to ensure the motor can be housed above the top floor entrance. If this is not possible, a different style of lift may be necessary.

Whether you know all the answers to the above questions or need a little help with your decisions, please give us a call here to talk through your requirements!

Thinking of buying a dumbwaiter? Here’s a few things to consider…

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