Other than restaurants, where else might you find one of our lifts?

We are well known for our high quality restaurant/food lifts and you may already know that we are the only company in the UK to still design and manufacture manually operated hand lifts…see our Residential Hand Lifts and Business Hand Lifts pages to find out more about these amazing little manual lifts.

As well as being able to provide larger lifts with a huge weight capacity of up to 500 Kg we are often asked to install smaller lifts in other types of businesses too.

We have many customers within the medical profession that use our smaller electric lifts - also called Document Lifts.

Mainly used in Dentists, GP surgeries, Pharmacies, Health Centres and Opticians, they are often (but not limited to) the fast transportation of sterile instruments, medication, paperwork and medical records between the floors of their business. With a massive emphasis on sterile and clean environments with limited touch points, we are seeing an increase in the popularity of our document lifts within the medical world. With a capacity of 5Kg – 20Kg, numerous finishes available, hidden motors below the lift shaft and lots of other customisation options, our document lifts can help you move items quickly with minimal disruption to your business during installation.

We love hearing from our customers, they tell us that our document lifts are making theirs and their patient’s lives easier every day.

Here is what some of our customers have to say about our document lifts._

‘We are a Dental Practice and have been using George Johnson for over 10 years. The lift itself makes a massive difference to our business and the service has always been exceptional. They always send engineers out straight away whenever we have needed them meaning there has been minimal disruption to our business. I highly recommend George Johnson Lifts; it is so reassuring to have companies you can rely on when running a medical business.’

Susan Jaynores (Practice Manager) The Brace

‘The thing we love most about working with George Johnson Lifts (other than the very useful lifts that we use every day) is the fantastic customer service and how efficient they are. It makes our life so much easier due to their great communication with me regarding maintenance visits and inspections. The office staff and engineers are helpful and polite and provide a great service on site too. We would definitely recommend George Johnson Lifts to any other Health Centres.’

Rim Kennou, (Practice Manager), Datchet Health Centre

If you think that a George Johnson Document Lift could benefit your business please get in touch here. You can also take a look at our testimonial page for more great feedback from our customers.

Other than restaurants, where else might you find one of our lifts?

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