Are you renovating a listed building?

George Johnson Lifts have been manufacturing hand-operated lifts for homes and businesses for over 160 years, as we are the only manufacturer of hand lifts in the UK we are often called upon by people renovating listed buildings wanting to bring a property back to its former glory.

Renovating a listed building can be fraught with red tape and bureaucracy, we understand the challenges involved in working on historic buildings and can guide you through the process. The term ‘listed’ is used to describe a building, object or structure which is of national interest or/and has historical significance. Grading a building as ‘listed’ helps protect it so future generations can enjoy the buildings and helps ensure buildings are saved from demolition.

Did you know?

• Our lifts -also called Dumbwaiters - are often used, not only to transport food, but also dirty dishes, laundry, shopping, deliveries, luggage, and many other items.

• The counterweight design means that it is incredibly easy to operate. Minimal force is required to move the lift car up and down making it ideal for people of all ages and abilities.

• Often, planning permission is not needed, with the challenges involved in making changes to the structure of a building our customers are often able to make use of existing and unused lift shafts and even chimney breasts to create an opening for a lift. This helps prevent the need to remove walls or damage ceilings.

• Our hand lifts are custom built so we can alter the size to suit your existing space. Here at George Johnson Lifts we specialise in creating lift solutions which blend into the natural design of a building with your chosen design and finish.

• Our customers love the fact that our dumbwaiters are economical to run, do not require electricity to operate and are easy to install. In fact, they can even be fitted by your own builders. Click here to view our range of hand operated lifts and see which one might be right for you.

George Johnson Lifts specialise in designing, manufacturing, and installing high quality, innovative hand lifts. Our experience means we have the skills required to install and provide access in listed, historical buildings. If you have any questions or would like a quotation please get in touch with the team here

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Are you renovating a listed building?

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