Question: Who is your hardest working employee?...

…Answer: Your George Johnson Dumbwaiter!

So many of our restaurant customers tell us that their George Johnson Goods lift is an integral part of their business. These dumbwaiters may be your hardest working employee!

If they’re not carrying plates of food and dirty crockery, they’re moving your goods between floors on a busy delivery day never taking a break or complaining.

So how can you keep them happy and working hard? With a George Johnson Lifts maintenance contract.

Just imagine your goods lift breaking down in the middle of a busy service or just before your delivery day. It can cause a lot of disruption – and often a safety issue if large items need to be carried manually up and down stairs.

This is why we always recommend our customers take out one of our maintenance contracts. There are so many benefits including a 24hr hotline to call if you need us, priority out of hours callouts and even discounts on servicing. Click here to see a full list of benefits.

Our engineers will visit you three times a year and check your goods lift is in working order, we will run several checks, give your lift a bit of TLC and make sure that everything is running smoothly. This is proven to reduce the number of breakdowns that can occur and keeps your business moving.

To find out more just call our friendly team to sign up today or fill in our contact form here.

Question: Who is your hardest working employee?...

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