What is a LOLER certificate and why do you need one?

This is a question often asked by our new customers, LOLER stands for Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulation. It is a lift inspection required by law on all passenger and goods lifts and ensures your lift equipment is safe to operate.

Regular and thorough examinations are required by LOLER lifting regulations. These regulations apply to all organisations whose employees use lifting equipment (whether owned by them or not). It is the responsibility of the owner or site manager to ensure a competent qualified person inspects the lift.

Here are some of the LOLER Lift regulations you might need to know if you have a lift within your business:

  • You are responsible for ensuring lifts are examined at statutory intervals.
  • LOLER inspections must be carried out every 12 months for goods lifts (and every 6 months for passenger lifts) to ensure they are safe to use.
  • Lifts and hoists used to lift people or loads must be examined by a ‘competent person’.
  • Any defects or faults with lifting equipment must be remedied promptly.
  • Accurate records and documentation must be kept and made available.

As part of our preferred customer program, George Johnson Lifts offer annual LOLER examinations free of charge. Our lift engineers are fully accredited for testing, inspection, and LOLER certification and by joining our preferred customers your lifts will be maintained to the highest standards. We will carry out your inspection and then immediately notify you of any issues raised and the recommended course of action, guiding you through the process to make sure your lifts are always working optimally and your health & safety certifications are up to date at all times. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our free LOLER certifications and to see how you can join our preferred customer program today.

What is a LOLER certificate and why do you need one?

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